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The researchers had undergraduates fill out questionnaires about their personality, their well-being, and their preferences in a partner.

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You simply swipe on this stuff and then meet over a pint of beer or a cup of coffee. Online dating is a tremendous asset for us because it broadens the dating pool and introduces us to people who we otherwise wouldn't have met." Finkel's most recent piece of research on the topic is a study he co-authored with Samantha Joel and Paul Eastwick and published in the journal Psychological Science.As it turns out, the researchers could predict nothing.Actually, the mathematical model they used did a job of predicting attraction than simply taking the average attraction between two students in the experiment.Whether you're grocery shopping or drinking at the bar, nobody ever likes a creeper.And if you happen to be gettin' your sweat on at the gym and experience some unwanted interaction, your im…When you first start having sex, things can be a bit awkward.Sure, the model could predict people's general tendency to like other people and to be liked in return.

But it couldn't predict how much one specific person liked another specific person — which was kind of the whole point.

No matter which way you slice it, though, stalking your ex on Instagram is bad news.

But it almost…For those of you in long-term relationships, it's hard to truly appreciate the struggles of your single friends.

Sure, you have a pretty clear idea of what goes where, but putting it all together and getting in sync with your partner can take a bit of practice (and likely a fair bit of laughter).

But…Depending on how long you'd been together and the seriousness of the relationship, making the decision to break up with someone prompts a ton of feels.

In the midst of my 35th year, I contracted a bad case of baby fever.