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Research shows also that e-porn has the highest rate of profit of any online business, as high as 30%, thanks to low labor and advertising costs, as compared to the massive yearly losses of and other Internet giants.

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Has your neighbor just purchased a new desktop PC for home use with a 1,000 mhz processor and a 60 gig hard drive in order to browse the Library of Congress catalogue, or download a video archive of National Geographic's special episode on migration patterns of the Australian wombat?And, Dubya Bush, in his economics position papers and Website statements, agrees that the Information Age represents the source of our so-called national prosperity, and, that this is the way of the future.Remember, it was the Newt Gingrich-led "family values conservatives" in Congress who fought to insure the Internet would be free of bothersome government regulation.A New and Distinct Disorder With remarkable speed, however, people who have never had a problem with porn addiction are becoming addicted to online sex.Over 60% of our clients are individuals who normally wouldn’t go to a strip club or rent an adult video but suffer from problems related to online sex addiction. Behind the anonymity of cyberspace, online users can conceal their age, marital status, gender, race, vocation, or appearance.Home | Search | About | Fidelio | Economy | Strategy | Justice | Conferences | Join Highlights | Calendar | Music | Books | Concerts | Links | Education | Health What's New | La Rouche | Spanish Pages | Poetry | Maps Dialogue of Cultures Education Page Schiller's Writings (real culture—not mass brainwashing) Revolution in Music Page National Conservatory of Music Movement Education, Science and Poetry Page Mozart Makes You Smart!

Back to Committee to Stop the New Violance page When you look at the historical process by which the degeneration of the Roman Empire occurred, i.e., the moral descent of its people (populus, in Latin) into bloodsports, gambling, hedonism, and pagan superstition, you can appreciate the true and actual nature of U. economic policy in the course of the last 30 years.

So that people can do work at home on "interactive" accounting programs? The "dirty little secret" of Al Gore's ostensible creation, the Internet, is that the so-called prosperity it is fueling, is actually being driven by American Baby Boomers' craving for smut. This applies not only to the Internet and other computer-related areas; it is true also of Hollywood and especially, the telecommunications industries, as we shall see.

Despite Gore's pronouncements on the matter of family values and morality, history may judge him as the "intellectual author" of the new porno-millennium, through his efforts to bring America online.

Does he really need a 27-inch color monitor to order a wool cardigan online from L. Bean, or send e-mail to his relatives whom he hasn't talked to for 14 years? In politically correct lingo, the Internet is now America's "personal choice for in-home sex-care providers." In fact, evidence now in the public record, demonstrates that what is actually driving the so-called "technology market," is a rock-drug-sex counterculture-inspired buying frenzy, which official government agencies factor into their fake economic figures.

Why do home computers now feature DVD (digital video disk) players and stereo surround-sound speakers with "subwoofers"? I think you know the answer to these questions, especially if you happen to be a Baby Boomer, who was raised in the 1960s. This new branch of economics even has a name: "hedonics" (as in hedonism).

Sexting and Pornography Addiction is a specific sub-type of Internet addiction that requires counseling and inpatient treatment.