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- Start channel redesign now to serve the mass market profitably—before outside disruptors do.

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• Mobile functionality will become table stakes in the competition for loyal customers, so banks should invest now to lock in customers while features such as remote deposit capture still have the power to differentiate a bank.• The rewards of securing greater customer loyalty can be substantial, on the order of $10,000 more in net present value over the lifetime of an affluent US promoter customer vs. • Two major survey findings—a surge in mobile banking, and tepid loyalty scores given by affluent customers in many markets—highlight the need to tailor digital and physical channels to the priorities of high-value customer segments, and integrate these channels closely with one another instead of running them in parallel.Digital interactions in depth: The who, what, where and "wow" • Mobile banking via smartphone or tablet is coming on strong in many countries.• The 25 to 35-year-old age group are the heaviest mobile users in most countries.The biggest gainers in US mobile usage, though, were customers aged 36 to 45.• In the omnichannel world, branches play a different role: more as product showrooms, sales centers and venues for expert financial advice on complex matters, and less as transaction mills.

Light but sturdy branches include more self-service terminals for routine tasks or product application forms and interactive tutorials.

In the US, mobile usage jumped to 32% of customers from 21% in 2011.

Usage in 2012 ranges from 47% of respondents in South Korea to 37% in India to 16% in Germany.

• In most European and Asian countries, customers cite online tools and transactions as having the strongest influence on their recommending a bank.

• While US direct banks have the highest rate of mobile usage at 53% of customers, national banks follow closely behind at 41%, suggesting that these banks' heavy investments in mobile platforms are starting to pay off.

• This edition of Bain & Company's annual survey of consumer loyalty in retail banking covers 150,100 account holders in 14 markets: Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Mexico, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Thailand, the UK and the US.