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–The episode where the storyline is: “50 seagulls get stuck in Charlie Sheen’s bedroom.” –The episode where the entire A story is: “Charlie gets a dick rash.” –The episode with the storyline: “Jon Cryer has a threesome with guest star Carol Kane and her daughter.” –Jon Cryer’s character gets his ex-wife pregnant while she’s married to a character played by Ryan Styles. –Meta Moment: The Half-man asking Jon Cryer after a joke: “How is this funny? And the storyline is amazing: Charlie Sheen’s father-in-law, who’s just married his mother, is murdered on their wedding day, after just receiving a blow job from the mother. Jon Cryer is in a police precinct after the murder, when a hooker who’s been arrested recognizes him.–Guest Tim Heidecker getting excited and going crazy about seeing a cameo by Robert Wagner (who he called Roger Wagner), then being disappointed that it wasn’t actually him, beating himself up and crying that he made that mistake, then once again being okay, when he found out that it indeed actually Robert Wagner.–Re-enacting the pitch of the seagull storyline between Chuck Lorre and a writer with Jonah Ray.You can get even more specific with keyword search. Try checking out our interactive maps, photos, and school information.And when you're ready to talk to a real estate agent, Coldwell Banker has ratings and reviews written by real estate clients nationwide to help you find a great agent.–There were many more moments which I can’t fit here, but I had a blast with all my guests, including Jon Daly, Adam Pally, Paul Scheer, Dave Holmes, Scott Gimple, Jackie Clarke, Emily Strachan, Curtis Gwinn, John Gemberling, Brett Gelman, Nate Lang, Tim Heidecker, Chelsea Perretti, Jensen Karp, Mike Rosenstein, Brendon Walsh, Ali Ozeri, Alan Mcleod, Paul Rust, Jonah Ray, Ben Schwartz, Eric Appel, Taylor Orci, Matteson Perry, sleep expert Dr.

Craig Schwimmer, and adult film stars Capri Anderson, Tori Black, and Brooklyn Lee.

People you’ve heard of have taken it, for crying out loud, wanting to get Larry’s feedback on various assigned projects before turning in their first drafts.

The class has always been a “by invitation only” kind of thing, but it just seems right to put it out to all our TVWriter™ regulars.

–4 AM Monday morning, John Gemberling sticking plastic bags on his hands and singing “Baghands” to the tune of “Badlands” by Bruce Springsteen.

–Saturday afternoon at 4PM — taking “micronaps” that the sleep doctor warned me about –Writing a spec script for an episode of with Paul Scheer.

” and Cryer responding, “It isn’t.” –Deep Toilet: For some reason, the toilet in Charlie Sheen’s bathroom was abnormally deep. The mother gives Jon Cryer a stern look for knowing her.