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Cooking dating games

You can find here a huge collection of quality online cooking and kitchen games in which you will need to carry out cooking tasks in the virtual kitchen to prepare different types of food items and cakes, and many other delicious and tasty dishes.

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In this new game of the popular series chef Emma is preparing a traditional German Christmas dish with a little vegan twi...You must help her choose the tastiest flavor and cream ther... Help Henri, a high-spirited baker with a penchant for pastries, arrange delicious ingredients into groups of three or more to make colorful confec...To celebrate 10 years of Delicious we're bringing you a special Anniversary Edition with endless gameplay! s Cook & GO you serve dishes in 17 locations all over the world. Try this new Cooking with Emma game and learn how to make the perfect French Apple Pie that also suits a vegetarian and vegan diet. On Funny you'll find the best collection of Sara's Cooking Class Games!Then quickly start one of these funny games and follow Sara's instructions.Breakfast is the most important meal of the day because if it? Our beloved princess, Elsa decided that she wants to become a chef in the kitchen and to do that she needs your help in one of these cooking game.

s an appropriate one can boost your energy all along the day and that? Follow the recipe and put all ingredients in the r...

Living in her ice made castle begin to be pretty boring for our below Frozen Queen, Elsa, so princess Anna came up with this crazy idea and she suggested Elsa should travel a bit. In this tasty time management game you are the owner of a cute little donut shop.

Deep-fry donuts, add glaze and decoration, and serve your customers the heavenly delicious treats as fast as you ca...

In this cooking game you are a chef in Elsa's restaurant and you have to prepare a special plate for her sister, Anna.

You must follow the recipe of the family to make the best steak taco salad. In this new title of the popular Delicious series Emily needs your help to renovate her dream house! s summer and all your favourite Pokemon pets are looking for the best way to cool off so we? Now we are looking to hire a super talented manager t...

Special about the "Tarte Tatin" is that it is baked upside down. A new game of the popular series Cooking with Emma.