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Consolidating itunes library duplicates

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Use Power Photos' image browser to quickly view your photos without having to open Photos itself.View detailed photo information using List View, and search for photos across all your libraries at once.

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» What if Tune Span crashes while spanning or restoring? Tune Span allows you to truly manage the media files in your i Tunes Library, giving you the ability to effortlessly move them to wherever you choose (an external drive of any kind, even a network drive) and easily keep track of all locations.Digitally, I have cleaned up my act with two GLARING exceptions: Multi-Media and Photos.For years I’ve had multiple i Tunes libraries, backed up from multiple machines on multiple external drives.I deleted over a thousand duplicates in seconds that would have taken me hours by hand. (I used Name, Artist, Album, Size and Sample rate).This prevented deletion of “live” versions of the same song and the same studio recordings that were included on albums like movie soundtracks and “best of” albums.» Why is my readable i Tunes Library XML missing with i Tunes 12.2? » How does Tune Span's spanning (and restoration) process work?

» What if I want to consolidate my i Tunes Library?

Basically, it’s been such a mess that I quit using i Tunes and all my media contained therein.

I could never find what I wanted, but I found what I didn’t want multiplied with duplicate copies. I’ve used i Tunes for many years, and let’s just admit that the first attempts at music management were less than perfect — especially from the data management side of things for power-users of multiple machines with varied OS systems. The result has always been even more duplication and additional itunes folders.

Tune Span uses the term "span" to describe relocating your media files; you can have your files spanned across many different drives without any confusion or hassle.

Tune Span never removes any of your tracks from i Tunes, so your playlists, play counts, etc. Tune Span makes copies of your media files at the selected location; none of your media files are ever deleted automatically.

Instead of being limited to putting all your photos in a single library, Power Photos can work with multiple Photos libraries, giving you many more options for how to organize your ever growing photo collection.