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Consolidating intercompany inventory

$ 90,000 $100,000 The inventory not remaining at the end of the year has been sold outside of the controlled group 35070 The parent and the subsidiary report the following financial statements at December 31, 2013: Parent Subsidiary Parent Subsidiary Income statement : Balance sheet: Sales. .$ 831,387 $ 174,930 (PPE), net 6,103,128 663,437 $8,673,581 $1,376,012 Statement of retained earnings: BOY retained earnings.

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Intercorporate profits are all deferred until the sale has been made.This is the reason why the inventory simply carries over as retained earnings from one accounting period to the next.An important consideration that must be made in the transfer or sale of intercompany assets or inventory is the fact that the amount of the eliminating entry must reflect the actual cost to the purchasing company within the organization. Assume that the subsidiary sells inventory to the parent (upstream) which includes that inventory in products that it ultimately sells to customers outside of the controlled group. 300,000 10 $500,000 90% of the Goodwill is allocated to the parent. Different types of entries exist for different types of transactions.

Not all of the existing inventory or financial information can be eliminated by the end of a given accounting period.

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The parent assigned the excess to the following [A] assets: [A]Asset Initial Fair Value Useful Life (years) Property, plant and equipment (PPE), net .