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Conservative dating site

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People wanted to organize a debate between myself and a big Hillary supporter,” Fuentes recalled.

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But after posting on social media about going to the event – which turned tragic after a driver rammed a car into a crowd of counter-protesters, killing a woman – Fuentes’ own firestorm began.“I went to represent this new strain of conservatives, of people in the right wing who are opposed to mass immigration and multiculturalism,” Fuentes told Fox News on Thursday. I thought it was a political victory – we exposed the removal of Confederate statues, and this disenfranchised group of white males.” A Boston University spokesman confirmed to Fox News that the student had indeed left the school earlier this week and that "the safety and security of our students is our highest priority." While the ideology of the movement, he contended, used to be associated only with older men in America “like Pat Buchanan and Samuel Francis,” he believes a significant wave in the younger generation have been captivated by the ideology.The student, who hails from a suburb of Chicago, is of Mexican lineage and contends that he and almost all other attendees did not go to the rally out of racist motivations, but rather most were like him and consider themselves to be “preservationists” staunchly against high levels of immigration.“It was one of my first picks after high school,” Fuentes continued, adding that the “friendly territory” of the Deep South will enable him to express his opinions freely without jeopardizing his safety.TRUMP 'ENTIRELY CORRECT' TO BLAME BOTH SIDES FOR CHARLOTTESVILLE VIOLENCE, WHITE HOUSE SAYS In addition to studies, he hosts his own You Tube talk show modeled after Trump’s key campaign catchphrase “Make America Great Again,” and highlighted that he mostly has liberal-leaning friends – but the few who are conservative have experienced widespread backlash from their university peers across the country.CCS members do not broadcast their loyalties, disguising themselves as ordinary citizens.

In order to discover if someone is a CCS member you must kidnap them, date them or successfully persuade them by discussing the issues.

If driven from their safehouse, the CCS will reform at a new safehouse after a few weeks.

This safehouse can be found and captured in the same fashion.

In blatant imitation of the LCS, the CCS will carry out site raids against Liberal organizations in order to advance their backwards agenda.

Currently, they are incapable of influencing public opinion through means other then raids.

He said no longer felt safe on campus, and will not return for the fall semester.