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Columbus dating short

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Though many people refer to Columbus as the man who "discovered America," the truth is, the man never set foot on North American Soil.When he arrived in what he thought was India, he was actually in the Caribbean, on the islands that are now the Bahamas.

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Scientists attribute the mystery to the warm waters of the Caribbean, the ever-changing landscape of the region, and the fact that we only know for sure what happened one of the vessels.Before King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella agreed to finance Columbus' grand adventure, the explorer was turned down multiple times.Advisors to the king of England, Henry VII and the king of France, Charles VIII warned the monarchs that the explorer's calculations were wrong, and that the voyage would be a long waste of money.When he was brought back to Spain, he was stripped of his governorship.Although Columbus is best known for his historic 1492 voyage, the explorer actually made four separate journeys.In 1795, after the French captured the region, the Spanish dug up the remains and returned them to Seville.

However, in 1877, a box of human remains was discovered in the Santo Domingo cathedral, bearing Columbus' name.

However, though Columbus perpetuated the tyrannical ideas, he is not responsible for coming up with them.

The European mindset was very much that anything the America's had to offer was theirs for the taking.

In 2006, DNA testing revealed that at least some of the remains in Seville are Columbus's, but not all.

To this day, the whereabouts of his entire body are unknown, and historians believe he could be, appropriately, buried in both the New and Old World.

Rich European conquistadors would hear tales of riches coming from the Spanish conquests of South America and turned greedy.