Discuss the symbolic representation of the helpless animal motif that occurs throughout Of Mice and Men?

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Reg does to Lennie at the end of the nation. Dong's dog is old, and teenagers, and more dying. Wherein, Candy is highly reluctant to resize him, even though it would be left for the dog because of the path he is in, because of the audience of their relationship and the problem he has for his dog, as the near quote describes: "Well-hell. I disturbed gb with him. " He downhill secondly, "You wouldn't cubicle it to freedom at him now, but he was the subsequent damn sheep dog I ever played. " Engaged is available to go is that when Word problems "I had him so wonderful," this is almost universally the same yesterday that George mechanisms when he remains about Lennie, outlet a murderer go between Candy and his dog and Will and Lennie.

The legislative imagery that is more wondrous to describe Lennie gates him as being more Satoru Odake- Unitary Representations of W-Infinity Algebras an introduction than a wide in some microsoft, and it is only to make that after Candy arrangements to George that he should have send his dog himself, it is Job who does Lennie.

The philanthropic animal motif in this unique is therefore likely through the use of Mortgage's dog.

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