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Clasic ponorghraphic pictures

Diana Russell, a psychologist, says that there is a difference between pornography and erotica.The word "erotica" is often used for pictures, movies or stories that focus on the beauty of sexuality.

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In addition, organized crime makes money from trafficking human beings; they force girls and women into prostitution, and sometimes force them to make pornography.Until the 1970s, businesses making pornography were small because there were many laws against it.In the 1970s, pornographic magazines such as Penthouse became a huge and successful business.Because the laws against child pornography (also called "child porn") are meant to protect children against people who "use" or "exploit" them, the laws also require those who make pornographic photos or films to keep records to prove that their models, actors, and actresses are over the age of legal majority.Since the 1970s, many women's groups and feminist writers have criticized pornography, especially hardcore pornography, arguing that such pornography degrades and humiliates women.Picture this: A photo of a boy and girl -- unmistakably naked, posed and giggling -- holding two very large sausages (Italian? What catches the eye are those sausages, but not that they are involved in anything you or I would call, right off, sexual: They are not being licked, stroked or inserted. The store manager, noticing the nudity and the meat, follows what he takes to be the law and calls the Burbank police.

They are not touching each another, nor does the camera seem especially interested in their genitals. Well, if you are a photo lab manager in Burbank, Calif., you follow the in-store policy and ask the store manager.

In the 2000s, the increased speed of computers allowed pornography companies to sell porn videos over the Internet.

The pornography brand Mitchell Gaffney was the first website that contained such items.

Some psychologists who have talked with many people in jail for violent sex crimes believe that pornographic depictions of violent sex often make people less caring about other people's feelings, which might make them more likely to commit rape and other sex crimes.

Many pedophiles, who sexually assault children, also have collections of child pornography.

Pornography (or porn) is the name for writing, pictures, and films which feature sex for the sole or primary purpose of arousing people sexually, either to help them masturbate, or to prepare them for sex with a partner.