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You've got the mechanical skills, they don't, so use 'em.You're finally out of the dolphin tank and into the fire.

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Who cares about over-fishing, or dolphin safe tuna, you know where the fish are and you're going to get them.Even if we overlook the server issues, Shadowrun Chronicles still has a ton of rough edges.Its gameplay focuses heavily on using straight firepower to defeat enemies.You're not just a diver anymore, and you're through with the constant itchy scalp. Explore the deep for long lost relics, or shave some Simoleons off your monthly oyster bill. Now you're in the big leagues, studying all types of strange, exotic, bioluminescent, poisonous-barbed, ink-secreting, spear spitting sea life...maybe you should invest in some goggles.Remember to keep your own life clean and orderly as you still have to live in the real and dry world sometimes. Whales are really really big, but the oceans are even bigger, and that's where you come in.So rightly so, they need people to clean up after them.

Thoughts of calculus, wave form particle physics, and balancing balls on one's nose, leave little time to tidy up a tank.

Alls I’m sayin’, like, is that you shouldn’t buy DOOM VFR expecting the same hyper-kinetic death-frenzy that Doom 2016 did so well, but if you want to shoot some really, really big 3D demons in a virtual hellscape, I’m pretty confident it ticks that box.

It’s out at 7pm ET/11pm UK time today, costs £20/$30, does not require any other version of Doom but is both Steam and Vive exclusive (what with Bethesda and Oculus not being the best of friends).

But, the teleport thing (where you use your motion controller to point at a spot on the ground, then click to move there, as opposed to walking) wound up feeling more artificial than does being rooted to the spot and unleashing a storm of bullets in Serious Sam VR or Robo Recall.

Important proviso: I only played it for about twenty minutes, and so there’s a real chance that I simply grow more comfortable with and rapid at the full thing.

If Apartment Life is installed, Bohemians and Jocks are likely to be employed in this career.