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Christian borle and laura bell dating

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Broadway producer Hal Luftig and his partner had just seen “Legally Blonde” at the movie theater. Seeing the film had sparked a conversation about young women in education.

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So it brought my life into more focus, even though at the time it felt like my life was unraveling; which is exactly what happens for the character, Elle. Here’s producer Kristin Caskey, and then Jerry Mitchell.Having just seen “Legally Blonde,” the film, got me thinking. They all agreed right away that there was only one person who could make their vision for the show a reality: Jerry Mitchell. Jerry: I was actually dying to direct a Broadway musical. Jerry: I think we were on the east side of Times Square. It was on that side of the street, across from where we ended up playing – the Palace Theatre.Wow – here’s a girl who’s smart enough, if you think about it, to get into Harvard Law. Through the ‘80s and early ‘90s, Jerry had been a Broadway dancer, working with the likes of Jerome Robbins and Michael Bennett. I said, what is it; and he said, I don’t want to tell you; will you come to a meeting. Hal: He was like, sure, okay, get this crazy person away from me, please.The album wraps up with the show-stopping numbers "Legally Blonde Remix" and "Find My Way," which boast big voices (especially those of Kate Shindle and Orfeh), aggressively catchy tunes, and the ability to paint the picture that you are sitting in the front row watching the magic for yourself, something that few cast albums are able to do these days.Overall, listening to the album several times is an experience akin to witnessing the stage production first-hand, cutting no pink sugary corners away.I could immediately – when I saw the movie, I went, oh, I sympathize with this character; because she became stronger from the event.

It sounds cliché, but factually there’s a lot of truth in it. It wasn’t so much about the relationship I was in ending and how I felt. [music clip from “Legally Blonde”] Patrick: Larry and Nell got the job.

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From start to finish, inspirational uplifting pop theatrics force the listener to hum along.

The sound borrows elements from musicals such as The Wedding Singer and A Chorus Line, and allows for many soaring numbers of the sort that one might find in Wicked or Hairspray, which is where Bundy got her jump-start to fame portraying the roles of Glinda and Amber Von Tussle, respectively.

When you saw “Hairspray,” it sort of – at least for me – partially confirmed what we were all seeing; this growth in Jerry and his ability as a major force to tell musical stories. How do you think Jerry would do it, blah, blah, blah. Again, fortuitously, I’m walking into the 42 Street subway station. But most importantly, I really thought I understood the story.