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Last year I asked if his other office could change their address with these companies to their actual address. I don’t even open it up for him like I do for my company. Instead of remembering that for over six years he’s gotten this timely, free service from me, he calls me unprofessional. Well, it’s your responsibility if your employer says it’s your responsibility, and in this case it sounds like this boss has the authority to make it part of your job. if you could make the case that dealing with his other company’s business is taking you away from other priorities, you could talk to the other partners and see if they’d be willing to intervene.The request was passed on and the volume of mail dropped off. Apparently, in a rare instance of something getting buried on my desk, I didn’t get the mail out to the other company as quickly as in the past. In fact, if there’s one partner who you have particularly good rapport with, you could talk to her and see if she thinks there’s any hope of getting some or all of this moved off your plate. Getting info from an adult child’s employer A friend of mine is in a fix.

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Fergus applied for a job with us about a year ago and got to the phone interview stage but didn’t have enough experience to move on to an in-person interview.(I have no disagreement with the write-up itself; being on time is, in my line of work, absolutely essential, and I fully understand that I screwed up and needed to do better.) I have not been late since the write-up and have taken some steps to safeguard against it happening again.So my question is, how long should I wait to prove that I’ve mended my ways before I can ask for more money? That puts a good chunk of time between the raise request and the write-up, which makes it more likely that you’ll get a positive response to the request.He’s a landlord and owns several other businesses with partners that don’t work for our company.He often tells his tenants to drop off rent to our office.You don’t want to ask when a reason for saying no is too fresh in your manager’s mind. Getting pregnant after starting a new job I’m about to start a new job and turning 30.

My husband and I have starting a family on our radar, but no specific plans at this time.

Certainly there are many factors that go into even trying to get pregnant, but in general, what’s proper etiquette in how long to wait to get pregnant?

I’m conscious of establishing my credibility as well as not waiting too long either for my health, or for balancing my next career move in the future and potentially starting the clock all over again at a new job.

This makes me uncomfortable since I have to handle the rent checks (and cash!

) and I’ve told him that, but nothing has been done about it.

I’m sorry your friend and her daughter are going through this, but the daughter is an adult, and her mom should not be trying to dig around in her employment stuff. How long should I wait to ask for a raise after a disciplinary action?