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In desperately trying to get the police and social services to intervene, Ivison had become somewhat of an expert in the way that gangs of men groom girls into prostitution.Knowing as I did how prolific child sexual abuse was, I began to investigate the pimping of children in northern towns by speaking to the other members of CROP and feminists in child protection agencies.

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When, in 2005, I investigated the disappearance of a 14-year-old girl from Blackpool named Charlene Downes, I discovered that she had been sexually abused by a number of men in the town prior to going missing.Jenna truly deserves this award as a reflection of her dedication and commitment both at work and college.” Well done to Connor and Jenna for their fantastic achievements, they have laid the foundations for long, happy and successful careers.This audit was on the 10 Fenchurch Avenue Project and was based around the following areas: respecting the community, protecting the environment, securing everyone’s safety and valuing the workforce.Well done to all on the project for upholding these values.The event was organised for 3 schools to attend, but members of the public were also in attendance., based on the true story of the teenage victims of organised child abusers in Rochdale, I am reminded not just of the bravery and tenacity of those involved in exposing the levels of organised child abuse in the UK, but also of the cowards and the deniers who for so long refused to accept the harm being done to children by violent exploiters.

Well over a decade ago I was interviewing these “deniers”, and being fobbed off by social workers, police officers, and some newspaper editors who refused to accept the scale of the abuse I and other campaigners (including the mothers of some of the victims) had uncovered.

The British National Party (BNP) had been already been claiming that nasty Muslim “paedophiles” were preying on innocent white girls.

In the early 1990s I became involved with a charity, The Coalition For the Removing of Pimping (CROP), founded in 1996 by Irene Ivison.

Jenna has also attended apprenticeship events representing her employer William Hare and promoting apprenticeships.

She is highly regarded by the Business Administration team.

When I approached newspapers to commission an article on Charlene’s case I was told by a number of editors that it was “too sensitive” because the men being investigated by police were illegal asylum seekers.