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Chelsea handler dating ted harbert

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Howard said he invited the guys in to help clean up the computers again. Howard said Alec Baldwin is coming in and he's got a new book coming out. Howard said someone made this movie and it probably took years.

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He said it sounds alright but he'd have to listen to it. He said that's the kind of things they were talking about. Howard said he was going to bed and he put a fortune into this TV system he has in his house. They played a bunch and then Howard said when they get back they'll turn to the guys. Howard said he was listening to music over the weekend and they have this new song they put out not too long ago. Howard said this song ''The Sky is a Neighborhood'' is such a good song. He said it was released in August of this year and it has 20 million listens on Spotify. Gary said they're on Saturday Night Live next week and they're still selling the album. Robin said she failed to say something about Ronnie and how his limo never works for Howard. Howard took a call from a guy who said he thinks this song is something they sold out on. The caller said it's that pop thing where they highlight the chorus and it sounds like every pop song out there. Howard said the reason the guys are in there is because they have a lot of stuff to go through. Robin said she can do other things when she's listening. JD said there's a better song than this one on the new album. JD told Howard about the song ''Run'' since that's the song he was talking about earlier. Howard said it was a bad choice at first but then it started to pick up tempo. Howard said he was going to get both of them on the phone and have them debate who should get the money. Howard said if Gary says he's helping orphans in Africa then maybe he'll get the money.

Howard said Wendy is hitting him up for money and so is Gary the Conqueror.

Jason said he spoke to his handler this morning and he was supposed to call in. He said whoever has the best argument for why they should get the money will win the money.

Howard said they're going to have a debate on the air.

Howard said he was in bed watching TV and his Ti Vo channels were both cutting out. He said he has pumped endless money into this thing. am After the break Howard came right back and said they have a big week this week. Howard said Ronnie laughs at him when he says that.

The guys were doing an impression of the Ti Vo cutting out. Howard said he and Beth have their own Ti Vo so that's why he has 1 and 2. He said he got this guy to install this stuff and they didn't get it right. He said they always have an excuse for why it doesn't work. He said it was a movie about nuns so he didn't think he'd like it. He said he put on the movie and they're watching it and from the moment it starts they're into it. He said he would have blown a stack if that didn't work. Jason said he has to think about it when he says it. He said he listens to this in his house all the time. He let the song play a short time and said this is a great song.

He said they talk about his music but don't play any of it. Howard said they were doing the commercial for a while and he didn't think it would be good but it was a great movie.