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Some districts even have paid school employees called parent coordinators who are responsible for engaging with and involving parents in the school community.

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as a vehicle for parents to watch student council, school plays, alumni memories, and more.account, where they can see their child's assignments, grades and upcoming events.It also serves as a way for him to keep absent students and their parents up to date on classroom activities.This can be as simple as suggesting that parents ask their children about a particular post on the class site or more complex such as inviting them to comment on posts or even adding their own content.Chatzy is a free and simple tool that allows multiple participants to chat.While many of us are familiar with traditional notes home in the backpack, flyers, and newsletters, social media takes our ability to create, maintain, and grow connections with parents to a whole new level..

Most recently, the page was a terrific vehicle for sharing planning and logistics information as it pertained to the bus strike.

Earlier this year it was a godsend as one of the few ways parents could communicate during Superstorm Sandy.

The page is also used to update parents on trips, school performances and other events like picture day. Parents can use the page to comment, ask questions and find out information.

She may also encourage her teachers to stream lessons or student presentations so parents can watch and respond.

Parent coordinators are in a great position to work with their school leader and teachers to set up a stream to share with parents who are unable to make face-to-face visits to the school for important events.

It takes seconds to set up a chat room, then once you do, just share the link with others who you want to join.