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Simply contact us with the request for a refund 30 days or less after your payment and we give your money back.


You can talk to strangers online by simply pressing a button.As you might know, all that is in excess, quickly gets boring, becomes uninteresting and tiresome.The dating site has an excess of over 20,000 women...Now you want to look at the dovetail edge of the drawer.The best thing I can do is show you images of both machine dovetailing (which is uniform) and hand dovetailing.If the slots are not perfect in the center, you have a good shot it may be a period piece.

A Centennial piece (and later) will have machine drilled countersunk holes and screw that are slotted perfect on center.

Ukraine is both a matchmaking and an expert dating site that has helped Ukrainians as well as those with a Western background to find the most suitable match.

You can send messages, carry on dialogues, exchange photos and look through profiles as many times as you wish spending no dime.

Fabulously lucky are those Ukrainian people who were born here, grew up and succeeded to arrange their work and personal life.

Probably we can say the same about any capital of any country of the world.

Over time wood develops a dark natural look, mostly where it is exposed to air.