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To help lift up black talent this February, consider becoming a mentor to a child or younger coworker.By encouraging the talent, skill and passion of black youth and young adults, you can help support the next generation of black leaders who will fight inequality in their communities.

Literature, both nonfiction and fiction, is a vital way for marginalized communities to claim ownership over their stories and experiences.Look more into your own family's history to uncover the black excellence in your bloodline.Get to know how black history has had an influence on your present — then spread that knowledge and appreciate it moving forward.In the process of lending your experience to someone just starting out, their fire and passion is bound to inspire you, too.For tips to keep in mind when mentoring black youth, check out this essential guide.Even though it's the shortest month of the year, there's a lot you can do to show your appreciation for the community in just 28 days.

Here are a few ways you can honor black lives and culture this Black History Month.

To find black-owned businesses near you, try the tips listed here.

To shop at black-owned businesses online that also give back to good causes, check out the recommendations here.

In April we "took our talents" to DC at the USA Science Eng Fest Pure AWESOMENESS!

We had a blast #Made Robots Cool Again ;-) #Bestof BGC2016 Blcy9 — Black Girls Code.

Visit a local museum that showcases the contributions of the black community to your area.