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my Father was a strict Catholic and he would regularly spank me when i was a child; nothing sexual or abusive, merely because i deserved to be punished.

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There, out of the blue, i again came into contact with my Lord.i was then led outside at the back of the house where i was made to watch as my belongings were burnt on a bonfire.All that remained was a small bag containing toiletries and cosmetics, which i was told, would only be available to me on special occasions.s household staff watched.Only the following morning was i allowed to shower.In my final year at university, i was in a relationship with a man who exploited my submissiveness to pimp me out to His friends; and one of my Tutors.My training began immediately; i was made to strip and kneel before my new owner and a steel collar was locked, snugly, around my neck.

my wrists were cuffed behind my back and a chain leash was clipped to my collar.

After dinner W/we sat around listening to music and having more drinks.

i was lying with my head in Mikes lap and i realised He was hard again.

Perhaps my most outrageous experience was when, on a Wednesday afternoon, which was free for recreational activities, i met a guy named Mike, who was a year ahead of me.

After a few drinks, i agreed to go back to the house He shared with three other men. ) left the bedroom door wide open and His three friends came back and caught us in the act.

i felt so sexy, especially when, after we had eaten, They told me to masturbate for Them before another fellatio session.