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A cottage industry creating wool and fabric garments, knitted and sewn into sweaters, poncho's, dresses, pillows, coats, accessories……………..Knitted Collar- turquoise/yellow Cold seasons require something warm and protective to wear around the neck. It is made with rib stich, and after knitting it is gently felted to make the material soft and compact. Collar is an alternative to the classic tubular wool scarf.

A world of crafts combined with fashion, where ancient traditions are transformed into new designs.Colourfull delicacies at the restaurants on Bornholm The many restaurants on Bornholm use the colourful fall delicacies in their kitchen and invite you to cosy and exciting gourmet-experiences.Food market in Svaneke Svaneke celebrates the harvest and the Bornholmian food with to inspiring market days on the town's market place on September 15 and 16, from 9 am to 1 pm.Enjoy the beautiful island of Bornholm this autumn Autumn is in the air, but the holidays needn't be over.Try a cosy autumn break on Bornholm – autumn is a very nice time of year and the Bornholm nature gives you a spectacular show of colour and richness to enjoy before you are plunged into winter.See and experience the Bornholmian Christmas Ship in the harbour of Køge (50 kms south of Copenhagen).

Once a year the Bornholmian motorferry M/F Povl Anker is transformed into a big floating Christmas Market with a lot of Christmas atmosphere and hundreds of ideas for great Christmas presents. november 2015 er der igen julehygge og bornholmske varer i Køge havn, når Juleskibet fra Bornholm kommer sejlende.

The zip is also an example of Timmi Kromann`s special signature in form of a quirky or surprising element.

You can see and read more here: by: we have the perfect situated 3 bedroom holiday apartment waiting for you on the Island of Bornholm 🙂 #kokolores #artandcrafts #bornholm #holidaysonbornholm #denmark #vestervang #knittedcollarfromkokolores #artandcraftbornholm Love these knitted socks, better find my knitting needles, maybe they will be ready for next winter :-/ here is the recipe, if you want to make for me instead :-)))) #Artand Craft Bornholm #socks #knitting #Holidayson Bornholm #Bornholm #Denmark #Handcrafted Start your autumn holidays on the island of Bornholm here and find lots of inspiration and tips for a pleasant autumn holiday on lovely Bornholm.

Most people find it uncomfortable to pull a tubular scarf on and off, but the zipp solves the problem.

The zip is a comforable and functionel feature that sets Collar apart from the normal tubular scarf.

You can taste and buy – and talk to the local producers of vegetables, pasta, oil, honey, mustard, juice, beer, bread, meat, cheese and much more.