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Chat for kid and adult

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Roblox is available on both mobile devices and on P. Roblox can be creative and fun, and is designed for players to play online with each other within the games.Some of the games are G and PG rated and certainly seem suitable for younger children, but only if the parental controls are set up and there is strict parental supervision.

Parental controls, via the account restrictions are therefor essential for younger children.Shoot and Kill games and games with spooky characters like Slender Man and Zombies.Some games contain murder, guns and other horror themes.I received about 3 friend requests for every 1hr of game play on an under 13yr account with the available account restrictions all enabled to the strictest settings.If your child accepts those friend requests, unless the parental controls are set to the strictest “no chat in game” settings they can then talk to these strangers, who become “friends” after their request has been accepted, via messaging and chat, they can also play with them on shared games.Roblox is a very popular game for kids to play online together.

Most children will want to play with their real life friends.

Roblox is primarily an online platform that hosts user/player made games. Games can be anything from navigating obstacle courses, finding your way through a spooky maze, role playing games and much more.

Some games are quite scary and too violent for younger players.

It meets the Children's Online Privacy and Protection app guidelines, Facebook said.

Still, it's designed for kids, not teens, which opens up a whole debate about whether youngsters really should be using chat apps in the first place.

Adult Content & Swearing Roblox already ##### out common swear words, but some players creatively get around those in other **Ways** L I K E this….