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Certificate in english language teaching to adults cambridge

The exam is offered in two variations: Cambridge English: First (for adult learners) and Cambridge English: First (FCE) for Schools.

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The British Council is another secure way to find a job abroad, although it does have entrance requirements that are higher than many other employers. By 1943, LCE included a choice between ‘either prescribed texts or a paper in translation from and into English’.By 1944, 18 languages were catered for in the translation paper, including Polish, Arabic, Hebrew, Czech, Persian and Swedish.At the same time, they address some of the issues the both teachers and learners face in the classroom.You will be expected to understand a certain amount of theory.The LCE was intended to meet a demand for the certification of an English proficiency level below that of the Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE).

One hundred and forty-four students sat the first LCE exam on 21 June 1939.

Alternatively, some course providers run part time courses at a more relaxed schedule (normally around 3 evenings a week). The internet is rife with websites offering TEFL courses.

A quick search on Google brings back countless course providers, mostly offering fully-online qualifications.

Both courses also require you to be observed actually teaching small classes for a certain amount of time (roughly six hours).

If you pass either of these courses, then you will be well-equipped to begin your career as an English teacher abroad.

The only difference between the two versions is that the topics in the ‘for Schools’ version have been targeted at the interests and experiences of school-age learners.