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Ceramic dating

From humble beginnings Milton Bridge has grown and developed from manufacturing Jewellery Enamel to expanding into Ceramics and Glass colours.With a wealth of knowledge in colour manufacture we now have many ranges to suit all hobbies, projects and industry.

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Our current ranges of enamels have evolved from these brands and offer the same, if not better benefits as those enamels from times gone by.It is better known to Wade porcelain collectors as Bloodshot Hall from the Whimsey-on-Why set.Wade Whimsies were conceived by Iris and slotted into Wade’s production perfectly.Probably the most notable were; Roseville, Weller, Burley & Winter, and J. As will be seen below, this is also true of other early marks, but the policy was soon changed to include the name of the pottery. Reconstruction began immediately, and after about seven months or so limited pottery production was achieved. became involved it, particularly when he entered the art pottery area. In a couple of years after the turn of the century, it seems, the production of art pottery began, but utilitarian wares were the main focus. W.’s first art pottery line is thought to be a line called “Mt. Sharon & Bob Huxford, in their Collectors Encyclopedia of Mc Coy Pottery, list the approximate issue date of this line as 1902.Wade Heath also produced a Mickey Mouse figure and a toy Mickey Mouse tea set, which were both released in 1935.

When the Second World War began Jessie Hallen left Wade, never to return.

Major George Wade was commissioned into the South Staffordshire Regiment.

In 1940 Major Wade was promoted to Colonel and appointed to command the Birkenhead Garrison.

She produced superb porcelain floral arrangements and lady figurines. In 1933 Major Wade became Chairman of both companies despite being a relatively minor shareholder.

In 1931, Major George Albert Wade, became a director of both Wade Heath and A. Jessie Hallen possessed superb modelling skills and George developed a flair for marketing. Wade secured the Disney licence for Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, which were modelled by Jessie Hallen.

The name Whimsies is reputed to have come about when the first figures were described as whimsical.