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He started working on this novel soon afterward in 1924, and this trip is said to be the basis of the story.

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Giovanni promises Campanella they will go on together, forever, but as the train approaches the Coalsack, Campanella disappears, leaving Giovanni behind. He heads to the town, only to discover that Zanelli has fallen into the river from a boat.Giovanni then makes a promise to himself to stay strong throughout life, claiming that, no matter where he is, he and Campanella will always be together.Campanella's father tells Giovanni that a letter has arrived from his father, announcing he will be returning soon.The main theme of this story is "what is true happiness?" After Miyazawa's most beloved sister Toshi died in 1922, Miyazawa, in sorrow, went on a railroad trip to Sakhalin.Giovanni responds no, and heads home to begin another long, lonely night of work at the local paper.

On that night, Giovanni runs into Zanelli, who mocks him before running away to the attend the festival.

Noticing that Campanella is all wet Giovanni asks what happened, and Campanella says he's not sure but a flashback showing him drowning suggests otherwise.

The train travels through the Northern Cross and other stars in the Milky Way.

His kindly friend, Campanella, is the only one (apart from his teacher, mother and sister, the latter two of whom are never actually seen) who cares for him.

At school one day in science class, the teacher asks Giovanni what the Milky Way really is.

The story was made into an anime film in 1985 by director Gisaburo Sugii under Minoru Betsuyaku's screenplay and released on July 13, 1985.