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I'm with Audrey (and probably everyone else), Kristel "eewwwwing" while Gretel and Oliver mimicked her fresa mannerisms was the best scene of the night.It’s like a gang of people fighting over a sweater at Macy’s. Guys, you are great to take several for the team like this. -Alison OT Allison, it really helps to have an annotated version to help with the archaic Spanish. I really don't think Oliver knows about their cositas. Even when Muñeca interrogated him directly, he was as evasive as possible. Not usually away from the computer this long but it's been a crazy day. I treasure the friends I've made here and I'm not retiring from any of you. Made me think of the Widow's Mite and how her contribution was "giving all she had" and therefore so much more valuable than the lavish offerings of the richer Pharisees. I suspect every last one of us, and lurkers as well, thought the Gretel/Olly/Kristel fresa-speak scene was the Best. For me, this actress lacks a playful quality and that's essential to interest in my book.

capitulo 164 de amor bravo online dating-80

"We love to mock here, don't mistake it for real hate." -- Chris Ferro "Come, let us gather together and suffer, sisters and brothers." -- Alice "This has got to be the sappiest, most mindless piece of crap that Televisa ever came up with! And Love sure is blind in this one, kinky lovemaking aside. Well everybody except Ilitia, who's had her glass snatched away by her protective suegrita Gladiola. Delicia and Gretel helped her make the change out of the fat suit. On with the kinky blindfold and the incredibly boring love raptures. She's dreamily carping that she wants to see his face and know who he is so she can tell her best buds, Gretel, Delicia and Doris. The York Mint Pattie stash has been exhausted and I'm relying on Trident gum to get me through this last slog. I suppose that’s the way of the world – people beg for things that even they know they don’t deserve, and through persistence, sometimes get them. I’m tired of Mauricio and genuinely shocked that he has not been punished (by someone other than our gentleman poli) for raping Ilitia now that everyone knows he did it. Ungrateful Vick is complaining that Doris isn't there when she needs her. AND MARIANELA GETS PUT IN HER PLACE Our fattie, still in nasty Vicky mode, tromps downstairs to berate Emanuel for his origins. Papa Emiliano steps in and reproves Mari for her shoddy treatment. Judy, I particularly enjoyed your shot of him - it was great. Can't wait for her and Brandon to get together - my hands down favorite couple. I'm the one to do it, I just had a crown myself!! While all of us seem to have abandoned interest in the inevitable boda blanca at the end of this series, the comedic timing on this show is going really well. Chema arrives and swears he'd never do such a thing. This time when Gladiola is frantically trying to transform nasty Vicky into increasingly nasty Marianela by wrestling her back into the fat suit. Mari swears Cons to secrecy while observing that Consuela hated her as Vicky, but loved her as a dear friend when Marianela. HOPE SPRINGS ETERNAL While Consuela and Mari hug upstairs, Gretel arrives downstairs and announces excitedly that she thinks she knows where the kidnappers have taken Netty. Marianela admits that in her thirst for vengeance (Forgiveness PSA) she's become a “hard woman” (ya' think? ITA with all who loved the Oliver, Gretel and Kristel scenes. I'm sure Gretel and Kristel were wonderful but I could not tear my eyes away from Oliver. Again, how in the world these actors aren't in full blown laughter in every scene is beyond me... ) I plan on sending good dentist vibes your way.... I hope the dental visit is as brief and painful as possible. Vincent Millay, but that song started going through my head as soon as I typed the title. And as soon as the divorce is final, he's marrying Netty. Everybody toasts with champagne, including Max who's arrived from the basement in full regalia. Yes, our randy little vixen has managed to escape the mansion and hook up with el Lirio at the boardinghouse. During their interminable love-making, he wonders why she doesn't regognize his kisses. 190 Vocabulary (just in case I poop out and don't feel like doing it later) Episode 191 THE BEST LAID PLANS WILL GET YOU PREGNANT On the back stretch now but this old nag is losing ground. THESE BOOTIES ARE MADE FOR WALKING Ilitia, redemption casting a soft glow on her already lovely face, is entranced with the plain little white socks from the market that Gladiola has brought. I’m not liking Axel being encouraged to fight for something he doesn’t deserve, so I’m losing hope that he’ll bug off.But since this is a telenovela, we can trust everybody will stay Crazy in Love Forever. EMAN GETS A CLUE Emanuel, out by the pool, chuckles at how stupid he was not to realize Mari and Vicky were one and the same. Be content with the money you already swindled out of my niece Marianela, you trollop! Your “mujer”, Fedra just left a moment ago, sniffs Chema. Unfortunately big bro' Eman sits down and tells him not to give up. BERNARDO'S LIKE BRAND-NEW And living the high life. He’s not even that smart, and he’s constantly getting get out of jail free cards. And for all of you who were touched by the little baby socks scene... I generally tear up over anything concerning babies. I knew hilarity was guaranteed when the gang of thieves all appeared in black, but our Fedra had to get her riot gear at the stripper store. A few recappers have asked whether anyone wants to re-cap for a new series.

The scene with Fedra, Agent Orange, Lorenzo, and Spiderus with animal masks was funnier than anything I’ve seen on “La Hora Pico”, that’s for sure.

Meanwhile, Oliver nurses his bloody nose and Glad laments that just when Netty's life was about to change for the better, this happens. CONSUWAILA AGAIN Yep, our eternal metiche walks in the wrong door again. Can't they at least go back to being friends again? Maybe the actress was nervous about doing love scenes with most of the crew watching. Once again, Uni showed only a fraction of the events so there is a lot going on during the race to the end. (My i Phone spell check just changed trouper to grouper! The rhyming subject headings were a lot of fun, and thanks for the allusion to Brenda Starr.

Commisario Tejada, another lovable but useless doofus, is alerted and on his way. Lorenzo is a Pig (dead on) and Mauricio, once again inflamed with lust, this time for helpless Netty, appears as a Rat. Like turning over not only all the cash but also the mansion and everything in it. They were good friends long before they were lovers. I agree Barbara that Mari just lays there stiffly while Eman is more into it. Sincere thanks for all of the time and effort you spent on this.

I’m sure “Teresa” is a marvelous series and seems to be a step above the standard fare, but I think that the telenovela producers cut off their noses to spite their faces by exploiting runs of these series.

Azela certainly knows how to take one for the team. Rather than disinterest, the mood seems to be one of disenchantment.

EMAN'S BEING CRUEL He's ragging on fattie Marianela, who's anxious to get out of the fat suit and rendezvous for some nookie with el Lirio de Plata. She's randy as a goat and ready for more shagging, pregnancy or no. Yes, our Miss Manners takes a little time to berate Eman for hovering and fussing over Mari while totally ignoring his wife. She'd cut off her hand before touching that naco policeman. André adds another wallop, and they take off running. OLLY HEADS FOR THE LOO And while he's gone Emiliano arrives with Netty and Gladiola in tow. They grapple, they fuss, they get aroused, they decide to dip into the jacuzzi, they do...would have...except that Bernardo and Nereida got there first. And kvetch that Fedra will never let her and Emiliano be happy. So will I (I downloaded it from months ago, and still haven’t gotten past the first paragraph)– I really want to learn more Spanish.