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Candidating for a church

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How do you balance your life between family and ministry? How do the pressures of the ministry and expectations of the congregation impact your family?

Once you've narrowed the field from the initial onslaught of resumes, such questions can be helpful and financially friendly for your church in determining which candidates you would like visit or invite for a fun-filled weekend of candidating. In the few times I have interviewed with a church — and in the dozens of times I have coached people interviewing with churches — I asked or encouraged lots of questions.Additionally, I ask to see the church budget (including payroll for staff), bylaws, personnel policies, most recent business meeting minutes, and current financial statements. Obviously some answers will trigger follow-up questions. Of course, if God is calling you here the answers won’t matter, but they will help you prepare to lead.have been asked frequently for questions a prospective pastor can ask a church.There are lots of resources for churches who are interviewing their next pastor, but I personally believe the pastor needs to equally interview the church. How important is the children's ministry to a growing and dynamic church? How important is a youth ministry to a growing and dynamic church? How important is a single adult ministry to a growing and dynamic church? Describe your philosophy of ministry for equipping the body. What experience do you have in leading a pastoral staff team? What do you see as the primary purpose for the Sunday morning services?

What is your opinion on non-traditional forms of worship (e.g., Theatrical productions, multi-media presentations, etc.)? How much time (weekly) have you carved out of your schedule for counseling? Are there any points in our doctrinal statement that you would not or could not affirm? What is you view of the baptism and filling of the Holy Spirit? How would you advise a person who comes to you and says he or she wants a divorce?

How would you address an unexpected budget shortfall? What do you feel are the strengths and weaknesses of short term missions trips?

What have you observed are some of the trends in missions? What role do you see small groups fulfilling in the church?

How have you handled pastoral counseling in the past?

What is your position on the recent movement in churches to become "Seeker Sensitive" or "Seeker Driven"? After reading our doctrinal statement, what do you see as the most crucial points of doctrine a church should embrace?

By allow­ing both parties (the church and the prospective candidate) to see each other’s forms, an initial evaluation can be made to see if there is good reason to pursue obtaining more information directly from each other.