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Cancer male dating scorpio female

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When only one is losing her cool, the other can be the buoy of sanity.

An added advantage is that he loves pampering his love interest.Scorpio follows balancing act Libra, and has that innate need to settle the score.The Moonchild can be alarmed by the conspiratorial nature of Scorpio, and taste for revenge, even if it's not turned on them - yet.Cancer can be defensive or seem indifferent, which puzzles many potential suitors.Scorpio has a natural suspicion, but soon sees that Cancer is a big softie.Scorpio woman can be suspicious at times and the Cancer man is an arcade of mood swings. Despite of the meagre differences, they are a match made in heaven – full of love, respect and lust.

The compatibility of Cancer men and Scorpio women is one of its kinds.

But this is right up cardinal Cancer's ally, being courageous in matters of the heart.

Cancer can sense the compressed emotions of Scorpio, and admire the self-control that's part of the Scorpio nature.

Cancer and Scorpio – there is no blending of fire or air as both are water signs. They both have the capability to build a strong relationship and walk a long distance together. A Cancer man is chivalrous and considerate who has a sharp mind and a great sense of humour.

Since they both are water signs, they get along really well with each other. He laughs like nobody is seeing him and he has the power to make people around him laugh out even louder at his sense of humour. He is very cautious in getting too close to people. He thinks hundred times, analyses the situation and then act upon it.

At the end of the day, they both are sexually satisfied and can never get bored of each other.