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Canal regional curico online dating

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In addition it emits programs of European soccer and other sports.From year 2007, it transmits all the mundialistas parties of classificatorias to South Africa 2010.

Nuestro quehacer universitario Fijamos nuestros horizontes en la innovación, la investigación científica y el desarrollo tecnológico de alto nivel, y es uno de los motores que mueve nuestro quehacer universitario.After almost 40 years, June 18, 1999, with the new administration of Rodrigo Jordan, the logo of Channel 13 undergoes a major change, from the classic "TV-UC" framed as a screen, a modern number "13 "inside a big circle with the letters" UC "(Catholic University) framed on the edge of the small.This change caused a major stir at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, as it involved a desligation of it, causing millions in losses for the channel, and the resignation of Jordan.Since 1961, the change to the frequency signal 13 (which remains in analog to the present).Since 1970, the logo has a thin curve with a "T" to reach the "V " and center the number "13.Canal del Fútbol, also known by its initials CDF, is a privately owned sports pay TV channel of Chile.

It launched in 2003 and is controlled by the Asociación Nacional de Fútbol Profesional, the Chilean football league.

In 2007, Zap was acquired by the Mexican Telmex, and so it happened to be called Telmex TV.

From 2006 Basic signal CDF is sent renombrando first channel CDF Premium.

At the end of this period, the dramatic area of Canal 13 began a crisis where it was beat by Television Nacional de Chile until 2003, where all changed.

The new millennium began with Canal 13 in a crisis of the dramatic area, this problem became worse when Piel Canela in 2001, was beat by Amores de mercado of Television Nacional de Chile with 11.3 v/s 46.9 respectively.

Esta noche y tras 22 días de huelga culminaron con éxito las negociaciones entre nuestra filial Tren Central y el Sindicato de Maquinistas, lo que permitirá restablecer en forma paulatina sus servicio...