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Campus sex crimes prevention act

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The CSCPA also amended the Higher Education Act of 1965 to require institutions to disclose campus security policy and campus crime statistics to provide notice of how information concerning registered sex offenders could be found.

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Passed as a part of the Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act, the CSCPA required that the information collected because of this Act be reported immediately to local law enforcement and entered into the state record systems.In cooperation with the entire campus community, the University Police Department also is committed to protecting the University's population, buildings, grounds and equipment.A safe and secure campus which fosters an atmosphere that allows the University community as a whole to achieve personal and institutional goals pertaining to learning, working and quality of life issues.Education Code 51210 (1976/2001) requires instruction in grades 1 through 6 in "health, including instruction in the principles and practices of individual, family, and community health." Education Code 51934 (2003) requires HIV/AIDS prevention instruction to all pupils in grades 7 to 12 at least once in junior high or middle school and at least once in high school.Education Code 51220.5 (1992/1993) requires parenting education to be included in either grade 7 or grade 8.RESPECT: The University Police Department serves a diverse community and each person in our community deserves a level of respect that we would want extended to us as an agency and as individuals.

Having respect for every person we serve will help build relationships that improve the community as a whole and will ensure that the rights of every individual are respected.

As always, if you see suspicious activity on campus, please alert the University Police Department at (904) 620-2800.

If you are a victim or survivor, or helping someone in that situation go to to get the resources and information you need.

PARTNERSHIP: The University Police Department will work to create partnerships with the University community.

Partnerships allow the community a voice in the policing process and promote a mutual understanding of quality of live issues.

Some sections of the Education Code express general support for school health education but do not establish mandates.