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"I have a really nice back porch where the pool is," he said.

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Franco expressed his love for being nude while Rogen asked, "Can you make the blur big? "Some of you might be more familiar with Kim Kardashian's curves than your own physique. “People think if you’re single, you are incomplete. ” And when it comes to seducing her men, Diaz says she prefers an outfit that accentuates her natural resources: a pair of heels and nothing else. Right, “You don’t want the men who want the 25-year-olds,” she says with a laugh.The actor won't reprise his role of male stripper Dallas in the "Magic Mike" sequel, "Magic Mike XXL," because he's busy filming a Gus Van Sant drama instead.This doesn't mean Mc Conaughey's changed his ways; he told GQ magazine in December 2013 that yes, he does still like to play the bongo drums naked.Jennifer Aniston explored the world of free love and nudity with Paul Rudd in the film "Wanderlust." She has been quoted as saying being nude in movies is "liberating" but denied to friend Chelsea Handler on her late night talk show that she and her fiance, Justin Theroux, are nudists. And I don't care anymore." Cameron Diaz's guide to success See more comedy content at CNN Comedy.

Kate Winslet has famously had her nude portrait drawn in the film "Titanic" and stripped for other roles, though she admits it can get a bit weird stripping down on set.

"What I love are the films of the '70s where a person gets out of bed and you see half their nipple because that's what it looks like when a person gets out of bed." "I like being 41.

I love it," Diaz tells Esquire magazine in its August issue, on sale July 8.

Kardashian appeared nude in a recent photo shoot for Paper magazine.

The reality star became famous with a sex tape and stayed famous with her reality show and photos such as this one, which she did for W magazine in 2010.

On the job, "if we're naked in the scene, then I'm naked," Skarsgard once explained to Rolling Stone.