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Camera shops southend essex

Managed Motorway Cameras have been recently introduced on the M25 in Essex.They are a fixed camera, generally located on the side of a motorway gantry, fitted with variable electronic speed limit signs.

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As with fixed site speed cameras, average speed cameras are placed on roads where there has been a history of fatal and serious collisions.When an offending vehicle is captured, two photographs are taken less than a second apart to show the vehicle travelling across the junction when the red signal is displayed.The speed of the offending vehicle and the time the red signal had been displayed when the offence occurred is also recorded.They vary from the usual fixed cameras in two key areas: first, they are not painted yellow (it should be noted there is no legal requirement for any camera to be painted); and they are able to automatically pick up the speed limit displayed on the variable gantry signs, and monitor vehicle speeds that exceed the speed limit being displayed at the time.SERP uses a ‘Trucam’ device which, although hand held, is able to store video evidence of a vehicle, and records all the required speed data of the vehicle being monitored.Cameras are never used without a valid annual calibration certificate.

These are the single stand-alone units that are painted yellow and located by the side of a road.

These two photographs capture information to enable a ‘secondary check’ to take place.

The vehicle goes past the camera site, after which there are a number of white lines painted in the road, at a known fixed distance apart.

If a vehicle goes by, the radar signal is bounced back to the camera, and when this happens the camera is able to calculate the speed of the vehicle.

When a signal is bounced back above a pre-set minimum speed, which is above the speed limit of the road, the camera takes two photographs 0.5 seconds apart.

These camera installations are single stand-alone units that are located on one or more approaches at a traffic signal controlled junction; there are currently 26 installations in the SERP’s area.