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Camcorder sex tapes

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Vivid Entertainment co-chairman and founder, Steven Hirsch, says that while in office, they received a call from unknown person who told them that he was in procession of a celebrity sex footage.He says that one of the staff who received the call set up a date to meet the said person and talk about the video.

He says that his attention was caught by this picture of Paris Hilton together with this not so known friend of her called Kim Kardashian who was photographed on Bondi beach.Dickson continues to say that Kim Kardashian completely denied that she was the person in the footage and all this while still crying.Paris told him that she will contact her attorney to handle this matter.She had to get some air time on TV, which she did though for a time less than two minutes.But that was more than enough time for them to start giving her coverage in touch weekly magazine.Four years later, Kim had started making few media appearances as a somehow constant companion and best friend to Paris Hilton,who is the famous Hilton hotel heritor and who found great global fame through Fox’s “1 Night in Paris,” which is a sex tape she filmed together with her ex- boyfriend known as Rick Salomon and ” The Simple Life.

” In 2007, the celebrity sex tape involving Kim Kardashian and Ray J, through Vivid Entertainment ws released as Kim Kardashian Superstar to the general public .

On the agreed date, the person came and he had the footage in his computer and with his team came with a huge rolling suitcase and in then unpacked it all.

The suitcase contained a production and he goes on to say that he thought that the person wanted to be in total control for the whole period of their talk.

Hirsch says that it was definite the person was not representing those people in this footage.

Kim Kardashian was not part to this and he thought that the person or persons having this video only wanted to have it sold.

One early morning, while Dickson and the touch weekly magazine staff were in the editorial meeting, Dickson says that they received an alert about a certain story which was published and said that Kim Kardashian has a sex tape out on sale.