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Cambodian sex trade stories

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Recently, so-called "gang rapes" (known as "bauk" - literally "plus" in Khmer) have increasingly been reported.

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The film's title refers to the former notorious red light district Svay Pak, 11 kilometers north of Phnom Penh, Cambodia.About his tricks to lure young girls into his hotel, his perverse slip-offs, while he ignores international laws that protect young Sex Workers.His story gives a rare insight into a hidden mass of western men, traveling around the globe to live their perverted dreams.The NGO also estimates that there are up to 90,000 sex workers in the country.According to UNICEF-Cambodia, one-third of all sex workers in Cambodia are under 18 years old.However, selling young women and girls did not stop there; the transactions were simply relocated to backyards.

K11 – Confessions of a Sex Tourist: Austria, 2009, 30min, German with English Subtitles (Directors Cut: 38min)A business man in his forties openly talks about his activities as a Sex Tourist, unaware of the hidden camera.

Once a woman has become a sex worker, the social stigma of sex work makes it very difficult for them to reintegrate into society.

Human trafficking does not only take place within the country, but extends this to other countries.

The lack of education and associated consequences, such as low job prospectives, low self-esteem and poverty, make women especially vulnerable to sexual exploitation.

Cambodia's high rates of poverty, corruption and child trafficking are also the basis for intensive child sex tourism.

Without any fear of prosecution and without losing a thought on these dozens of women they have violated.