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Cam without credit card

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Getting Started First, make sure you have i Tunes installed.If you don’t already have it, download and install it () with the default settings. A simple way to do this is to scroll down to the Top Free Apps box on the right side, hover your mouse over the first item, and click on the Free button that appears when you hover over it. Check the box to accept the Store Terms and Conditions, and click Continue. Simply enter your normal billing address, even though you are not entering a payment method. If you get the Address Verification screen just verify your county and click Done.

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Many dealers are coming around to a compromise on plastic, though: accepting a credit card for a down payment, often with a maximum of between $2,000 and $5,000, is more common.Even though your credit card has a $15,000 credit limit, does it mean you should use it to buy a shiny new car? An auto loan will almost always have a lower interest rate than a credit card.But some people who already have the cash to pay for a new car and just want to earn credit card rewards points may consider charging the car to their card, then paying off the card immediately and cashing in.Usually you have to enter your credit card information to sign up, but here’s an easy way to get an i Tunes account for free downloads without entering any payment info.Although i Tunes Store is known for paid downloads of movies, music, and more, it also has a treasure trove of free media.Senior Editor Matt Jones explained: “An average deal will have about 6% of the selling price as gross profit (the number the dealer makes before costs and commissions).

At the same time, credit card companies can charge up to 4% transaction fees, eating up nearly all the profit.

If you try to download a free movie or music download, you will be required to enter payment information.

Even though your card will not be charged, it will be kept on file so you can be charged if you download a for-pay item.

If you have the money in the bank and can immediately repay it to avoid interest charges (which are often high on reward cards), a credit card down payment could put a few dollars back in your pocket.

You can use a cash-back credit card, or add miles or points to your account balance.

Now open i Tunes, and click the i Tunes Store link on the left. A popup will open asking you to sign in with your Apple ID. Enter your email address, password, security question, and date of birth, and uncheck the boxes to get email if you don’t want it…then click Continue. An email will be sent to you to verify your account…