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Calleigh eric still dating

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In Coming of Rage (season 4 episode 10), it was revealed that he had a palate expander, braces, a retainer, and head gear while growing up.

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He is worried about what they would say to him, but Grissom reassures him that they would be proud of him for saving a man's life.Gregory "Greg" Hojem Sanders (shortened from Sanderson) is a Crime Scene Investigator at the Las Vegas Crime Lab who is now a Level 3 CSI and thus one of the most senior members of the Las Vegas CSI team.Prior to becoming a CSI, Greg was originally a lab tech in the Crime Lab but later in "Who Shot Sherlock?He would wait until the night (or even the morning) before class to do his homework.This habit had stayed with him, though the lab had nullified that somewhat.In a later episode, Greg's split-second decision to run over one of the men threatening the tourist is found to be "excusable." The man's family disagrees with the verdict and serves Greg with a civil suit.

Greg is also notable for his ever-changing hairstyles.

As of the season 9 episode, 19 Down, Greg has been promoted to CSI level 3 (by Ecklie but the scene was deleted).

From the official CSI: Crime Scene Investigation novels, written by Max Allan Collins, the seventh installation into the novel series- Killing Game, we learn that Greg was a child prodigy. Excerpt from the book, page 114, lines six - 11: " A precocious kid who'd started matriculating a year early, he went from public school, where he regularly blew through tests, to an academy that at least presented him a more significant challenge; then Greg had gone on to Stanford before spending two years as a lab tech at the San Francisco PD.

" Then from the same book, at page 117, lines 12 - 18: " Through most of his life, Greg had fought the prodigy's natural urge to rush through things.

A lot of school, especially high school, had been painfully easy for him.

Greg successfully managed to juggle studying and extra-curriculars and eventually went on to earn his degree in chemistry from Stanford University, where he graduated Phi Beta Kappa.