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California state sex offender website

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Because of the state of the law, criminal defense work is a tough, Sisyphean endeavor.My colleagues at CACJ give me the inspiration and strength I need to zealously push that boulder up a hill over and over again.

Kestenbaum, Board Member "CACJ is like a beacon in the distance through the fog and heavy mist.We gain strength in our often lonely fights for our clients from the men and women who are engaged in similar struggles for other defendants.CACJ is a vital means to support one another." Scott Sugarman, Past President 2014 "CACJ is a family of criminal defense lawyers. It is a mirror in which we bond with others like us to experience the best in law and lawyers.Membership in the organization offers the opportunity to join with dedicated colleagues throughout the state to learn from one another and to stand together in the fight for justice.” Stephen Dunkle, Co-Chair CACJ Amicus Committee & FORUM Editor "I have always been inspired and assisted by my colleagues in CACJ.I first got involved in CACJ by testifying and help refining the first California DNA laws almost 25 years ago, and was so moved that CACJ had taken the lead in the legislative testimony on the proposed DNA Act, I became actively involved.Stein, Past President 2011 "It is an honor to be part of CACJ's work to protect the rights of the accused and hold the criminal justice system accountable.

Not only does CACJ work to uphold the Constitution and fight for fairness and justice for all, but it supports the attorneys that engage in this battle every day." Maria Morga, CACJ Board Member "CACJ is an essential state-wide organization for all criminal defense attorneys.

CACJ is now a sought-after voice in the Legislature and our view on bills is given serious weight by Legislators and their staff. But brother, you should see the stuff CACJ has stopped.

And many times, CACJ was the only organized opposition to these terrible, terrible bills.

In order to bring about a real change to the criminal justice system, we must work together as a team. As Helen Keller once said: “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” Orchid Vaghti, Board Member "CACJ is important to the criminal defense bar and to the personal rights and liberties of everyone in California.

CACJ's presence in Sacramento is unmatched and often is the only voice to promote or defeat bills before the State Legislature.

" Jonathan Willis, Life Member "I am passionate about and grateful for the opportunity I am afforded every day as a defense attorney to help individuals navigate through the criminal justice system, but I often feel frustrated and guilty that my day-to-day work does not as often allow me the chance to affect change on the macro level.