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There's no evidence that she'd ever met Williams before.Erotic comedy about an incorrigible womanizer whose lecherous love life becomes too much to handle.Things culminate when his jealous friends arrange for his fiancee and his mistresses to meet him at the same time.Twenty-year veteran Detective Sergeant Sam Stone is paired with rookie Briggs in a large Western metropolis.The tough as nails desk Sergeant is the father of young Briggs, and helps the ...A show production office was established in an off lot office rental facility maintained by Lorimar.

The Lorimar art department, construction, paint, sign-shop, property departments remained on the lot unaffected by this additional rate charge.

The killings continue and it all has something to do with the film crew that's in town making a horror movie.

China O'Brien; big city police woman; martial arts trainer, is forced to hand in her badge and head home to her father and the small town where she grew up. See full summary » Photographer Grif Henderson is assigned a photo shoot in Paris.

Sam Elliott appears as an affable and handsome photographer, Jordan Williams, who for no discernible reason murders Hope Masters' (Cheryl Ladd's) fiancé, then rapes her.

He's going to kill her too, he says, but she turns out to be so passive and willing a partner that he decides to spare her.

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