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C user control not updating

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However, they are less important and control specialist situations, for example, installing applications.User Account Control: Detect application installations and prompt for elevation.

What I received was this error message: 'The requested operation requires elevation'.Before you can complete any administrative task, the User Account Control manager pops-up with a 'Continue' message.♦ If you feel a little guilty when you disable the UAC - join the club.Both were unpopular at first, but eventually, the majority see the advantages of safety over ease-of-use.As someone who hated the UAC at first, I can say that now I have turned it back on, firstly, it's not THAT irritating, secondly it sends a subliminal message 'Guy work securely'.Thirdly, as an unexpected bonus the delay, or pause, that UAC introduces makes me think more about the action I am about take. For computers that have joined a domain, 'Elevate without prompting' is the best Local Policy method for disabling the UAC pop-up.

For Windows Server 2008 Home Editions, or any Windows Server 2008s not joined to the a domain see below.

However, there may be occasions when you need to go to the registry, for example to create a . If you would like to examine the key UAC registry settings, then See more about Consent Prompt Behavior here.

One of the underlying computer dilemmas is productivity versus security.

The mission of this page is to explain the purpose of Windows Server 2008's 'Continue' pop-up dialog box.

I will also show you how to disable this UAC (User Account Control) box.

There are similar UAC Policy settings for Users rather than Administrators.