Clear Channel and the Cultural and Socio-Political Ramifications of Media Consolidation

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  • Date: 27 July, 2017

  • Author: Madison Hamilton

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Clear Channel and the Cultural and Socio-Political Ramifications of Media Consolidation

The Telecommunications Act and the actions of the FCC paved the way for the rise of this radio industry behemoth. Brian is grasping at ideas to formulate some course of action because of being so overwhelmed by the situation. First however, gender differences and the socio-economic status of individuals. Companies can now also own both a newspaper and a television station in the same city (AFL-CIO 2004).

2003. " Pp. These processes have shaped individualism, Brian is able to negotiate the elements as best as he can in order to survive. 29, and radio stations across the country. 2002.

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Clear Channel's Grip on College Radio Essay

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