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Buzzfeed online dating cliches that are actually true

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The natural question is, "What the fuck could Prodigalsam have been thinking?" And the answer is something that probably doesn't easily occur to his victims: that he could really easily get away with it.

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So, you have no choice but to say you’re from “near New York,” even if the most New York thing about you is that ironic “I the concert. So, pretty much all of I-84 is littered with dead deer. Take a dash of road rage, an ounce of aggression, cat like reflexes learned from dodging deer daily and ta-da the Connecticut driver is born. I'd thought of it on my own, but profiting from it was cheap.All the same, coming up with similar one-word or one-term jokes offers far greater chances for coincidence than, say, making this tweet when you admit in your Tumblr apology that you are a Rob Delaney fan.“2013 UConn Huskies Women's Basketball victory parade & rally”by Dannel Malloyis licensed under CC BY 2.0 You’ve heard of small town gossip, well... What can you expect in a state so small everyone’s practically related. You put two Connecticuters in a room and they’re bound to know at least five of the same people. That being said, if you’re a connoisseur of whispers, the scuttlebutt doesn’t get much better than it is here. You’ll meet everyone that lives in the the state—and their mother—the first week of school. “UConn Men's Basketball 2011 Championship Parade”by Dannel Malloyis licensed under CC BY 2.0 Sure, Connecticut had its moment in the whole birth of a nation, founding father milieu…but many would argue state’s greatest achievement would be UConn basketball. Maybe it’s all that deer dodging, but Connecticuters truly believe that they are God’s gift to driving. Better trek through a muddy field, light a fire, and drink some Coors. For one thing, only a tiny few are that narcissistic; for another, which lines would you Google?

What if they've been rewritten in just a few ways—as Prodigalsam did? I've been plagiarized over a dozen times, and each time I only learned of it by accident. Allow me to say for the record that, if this man really does have a special-needs child, my heart goes out to him.

By these lights, every fourth grader who rewrites the World Book Encyclopedia entry on sharks for a report on sharks is an original artist.

Or, in case this inspiration/theft discussion seems too abstruse, think of it this way: Clueless is inspired by the Jane Austen book Emma; meanwhile, all the movies called Emma though written slightly differently, are still goddamn Emma.

Many a Nutmegger has made the trek to the Meadows only to remember .001 percent of it: arriving at the tailgate. It was the third state to legalize same-sex marriage, It’s home to the nation's strictest gun laws and there’s the fact that all its current top-ranking officials are Democrat with a capital D. There are two kinds of Connecticuters: those who admit to getting their field party on…and liars. Field parties are one of those things where you go once, promise yourself you’ll never, ever go again, and’re back six days later.

before you start throwing patchouli at them and telling them to get a job you hippy, Nutmeggers are also pretty conservative, at least when it comes to fiscal matters. There really couldn’t be a better physical embodiment for the way Connecticuters expertly walk the fine line between liberalism and conservatism than former senator Joe Lieberman.

Just like Joe, we flutter between the aisles like leaves in the wind, but mostly seem to be socially liberal and fiscally conservative.