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Brick and lace dating

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Pour concrete stain into the tray and using the roller paint the stain on the walls.

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In places, this appears redolent of the 15th century Palazzo Ricardi in Florence, Italy.At the time, the size and grandeur of the building was in contrast with the other plainer industrial buildings in the vicinity.A local newspaper described it as the 'finest erection in the Midlands!Although externally, this appears to be of minor interest, this is a rare survivor of a tenement lace or hosiery factory, dating from the early 19th Century, and was used at various times in its early life as a Roman Catholic chapel.These later blocks were much more plain and functional, and it is possible that they were built speculatively, perhaps for rent as tenement lace factories.' The building was later extended along St Mary's Gate to the rear, and finally, along Warser Gate.

In the process, this incorporated a building at the end of King's Place.

Personally I’m not a fan of painted brick but I loved her solution: concrete stain.

This is super easy DIY project to update a brick fireplace, and it only takes about an hour to do two coats AND complete the whole project.

Extra steam engines were installed to serve these new blocks, and massive cast-iron doors fitted at intersecting walls to prevent the spread of fire.

(Some of these fireproofing doors remain in-situ, and have become part of the fabric of the restored building).

A friend of mine recently bought a house and was desperate to cover up the eye sore of a fireplace in the corner of her living room.