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Brian royce reed dating

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According to Season 4, he served 39 years on the force suggesting he joined the BPD in 1967.When Judge Phelan questioned Deputy Commissioner Burrell about the Barksdale operation, it was Majors Foerster and Rawls who faced his subsequent wrath and demands for more information.

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It is hinted at throughout the series that Rawls is a closeted homosexual.When Carcetti replaced Royce he immediately began looking to depose Burrell.He is eventually forced to resign in a scandal over manipulation of crime statistics but receives a highly paid replacement job in order to leave quietly. Raymond Foerster was a Major and unit commander of the Baltimore narcotics division in season one.Valchek is well connected with the city's politicians, and was promoted because of his political association with Mayor Carcetti. Reed is a Major in the Baltimore Police Department and commands the Internal Investigations Division.He is very loyal to Ervin Burrell's command often more emphasized in protecting Burrell's command status than rigorously investigating individual officers.In the third season, Reed attends the weekly comstat meetings of Ervin Burrell and William Rawls.

In the fourth season, Reed briefly appears when Burrell is contemplating the best method to keep his appointed position as commissioner. He gives the order for citywide raids following the shooting of Kima Greggs.

As actor Dick Stilwell died in a real-life car accident after appearing in this single episode, Burrell is a by-the-book careerist officer who reached the level of Commissioner.

Initially appointed as an Acting Commissioner, Burrell negotiated for a permanent posting with the Royce administration.

The Deputy Ops wields a great deal of power and is responsible for the day-to-day activity of the department's district and investigative unit commanders.

The Administrative Deputy oversees the Internal Investigations Division (IID) and other units.

The real life chain of command from the Commissioner downwards is Deputy Commissioner, Chief, Colonel, Lieutenant Colonel, Major, Captain, Lieutenant, Sergeant, and Detective/Officer.