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Branches of the Gulf include the Chaleur Bay, Fortune Bay, Miramichi Bay, St. Access to this island is controlled by the Canadian Coast Guard.

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The authority said three new physicians hope to start this summer and another seven have pending offers to start in 2017, all in Cape Breton. He said surgeons and other specialists do not like to come to hospitals where services are lacking.However, municipal inspectors determined the house had become structurally unsound and was rife with mould. How can they tear a house down if there's nothing wrong with it?Dolomont was ordered several months ago to have an environmental assessment done on the property. " No one from the municipality who has handled the file was available for an interview on Wednesday, but CBRM long ago determined the Campbell Street address was unlivable.It has cost her $50,000 to do what the municipality wanted, she said.Despite living in another house for many years, Dolomont insisted she had intended to restore the Campbell Street property."Imagine hundreds of more vehicles on it," he said...

The Gulf of Saint Lawrence (French: Golfe du Saint-Laurent) is the outlet of the North American Great Lakes via the Saint Lawrence River into the Atlantic Ocean.

The Laurentian Channel is a feature of the floor of the Gulf that was formed during previous ice ages, when the Continental Shelf was eroded by the Saint Lawrence River during the periods when the sea level plunged.

The Laurentian Channel is about 290 m (950 ft) deep and about 1,250 km (780 mi) long from the Continental Shelf to the mouth of the Saint Lawrence River.

She said she booked the appointment after the demolition order was issued. Dolomont has had to reside elsewhere for several years, but insists there are other homes worse than hers.

"There's shacks all around; everybody's talking about it. "There's houses around that people shouldn't be living in. They're an eyesore." Dolomont cleaned out the inside of the house recently, after failing to do so for years.

Dolomont, though, was successful in getting regional council to give her several extensions so she'd have time for the cleanup and renovations.