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Bret and fretzie dating

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The winning team in each competition will get certain points, which will then be added up to determine the winning house.This task will give 2 automatic slots for the Big Night.

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The housemate first mentioned in each nomination gets two points, while the second gets one point.It lasted for 78 days, surpassing the second Teen edition for the longest Teen Edition by only one day. The first was held simultaneously with those of the third regular season from March to May 2009.As these auditions were held a year in advance, the age limit was lowered to 14-17.They had six hours everyday to practice for the performance.The Big Goal Concert Hold a concert in which the earned money will be given to the soccer/football team of the Philippines in order to enter for the Homeless World Cup being held in Brazil.Like the previous edition, Double Up, Teen Clash 2010 uses two houses, both summer vacation-themed with beach murals, hammocks, and other amenities.

House A is called the Villa, to be inhabited by housemates who have simple backgrounds.

This is the first Teen Edition to be held after a regular season instead of a Celebrity Edition.

Toni Gonzaga, Bianca Gonzales and Mariel Rodriguez reprise their roles as hosts of the show.

The performance should last the entire duration of "Kabataang Pinoy." The House should call Big Brother to check on their performance.

The first House to flawlessly finish their performance wins.

Wushu Perform a wushu exhibition using fans to the satisfaction of a panel of experts.