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So it was just a bit of a challenge that we set for ourselves, really. Emelia: Yeah, all three judges said some really nice things. [Laughs] He was the first to tear up, and it was really nice to see how well the judges know you, and how much they care about you, so that definitely set me off.

It was the only negative feedback any of the six dishes received, and as a result the grand final positions went to Brent and Laura.Emelia: It was just a coincidence, because something we learned throughout the show was matching your mains and your desserts.Curtis Stone, when he came in, he's got a degustation menu at his restaurant, and they're all based around citrus, or one ingredient.We caught up with Emelia this morning to chat about the service challenge, where her extensive food knowledge comes from, and why she almost walked out of the competition.POPSUGAR Australia: In any other year you would have made the grand final because they usually have three grand finalists!PS: What was your Master Chef game plan and did you stick to it?

Emelia: I didn't really have a huge game plan; I was always very confident that I can cook really well, and I have a lot of food knowledge, and was always happy to share that with everyone else.

So I've always been really interested in it, and have always sought out that knowledge, and sought out to know more. PS: Are you happy with how you came across on the show? It was very important for me to stay true to myself, and I wouldn't have changed any of it.

I've gone through little cycles where I'll get obsessed with, like, Chinese cuisine, so I'll only cook that for six months [laughs]. PS: You've seen the grand finale cook and I know you can't say anything about it, but do you think you could have handled it?

I think I struggled most in the Vue de Monde challenge.

PS: Did you have a favourite new cooking skill or technique that you learned? I really loved learning how to make a consommé, actually.

I loved all the desserts that would use vegetables, and things like that.