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Brandon pent and ryleigh vertes dating

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Brooke giggled, "You're going to love this Brandon. All the guys in the senior company wants to date you, you didn't want them. " "It's Zack from the Candy Apples Dance Center!

His eyes widened as he saw me, and his disbelief quickly turned into rage. Pent is a male dancer from Abby Lee Dance Company, first featured in Love on the Dance Floor of Dance Moms.He graduated in 2013, amidst deteriorating relations between the Pent family and Abby, afterwards joining the Air Force.When I walked into the dancer's den they were wrestling, Brandon was pulling her hair and she was sitting ontop of him. I sat down and texted my mom, "I LOVE this place!!! Then, I looked over, Auriel and Brandon were making out, the kind of make out where you can see their spit. We started dating for a year, but jealousy got the worst of me and I sent him a very long email describing how I felt about the girl he hung out with alot.Then, when they finally noticed me, they got up and introduced themselves. I didn't think maybe they were just friends, and he dumped me for her. The day I met Brandon Pent was the best day of my life. I walked in to the Abby Lee Dance Company, it was my very first day. Gianna put us in pairs, I was with Brandon, Elissa was with Liz, Auriel with Nick, Brittany with John, and Keara with Malena. When I was too big to go anywhere, I just sat at home.

The only people there were the teachers, Brandon Pent and Auriel Welty. Brandon must have noticed because he stopped and asked, "Did you say anything? We were givin a lift to work on and as Brandon lifted me, he pinched my breast. After giving birth to the gorgeous twins Amber and Logan, my mom let me go out with Brandon again.

He is from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and was born to parents Fred and Diane Pent.

He started dating Ryleigh Vertes, one of Kendall's older sisters and the daughter of Jill Vertes, in 2014.

I noticed his muscles were just wanting to pop out of his shirt. He seemed to be staring at something though, I followed his gaze and he was looking at Auriel flirting with John. I still danced at ALDC, but my mom made sure the dance teachers had us sepperated.

"She flirts with other guys all the time," he shrugged, "Hey, Elissa is having a party and its couples only, would you wanna go with me? She transferred me schools and drove me anywhere I wanted to go.

You two are finally improving," Abby clapped in approval.