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In July, most of my single female friends weren’t playing around with online dating at all. By September, two were exclusively dating guys they’d met via the app.

Before Tinder, hetero dating apps were something of a non-starter. Along with the apparently obligatory barbed wire tattoos that almost all men in their 20s and 30s (and women, too) now have. But it’s the lemming-like Me-Tooing that annoys me more than the tattoos (and nose rings) themselves. Plus, when you’re done, you can push the Off button, roll her under the bed and go to sleep, untroubled. But that is neither here nor there since I am neither a fat guy myself nor in the market for one. It is the female equivalent of the idiotic Van Dyke beard that every other guy now sports. She looks real, she feels real – and you can get her nose rings and tattoos and she will never grow “curvy” or divorce you, either.On Tinder, though, “I’m not embarrassed to know that they might have seen five pictures of me and a Simpsons quote, as opposed to my deepest, darkest desires., overwhelming female users with the same useless “Hi, what’s up?;)” On Tinder, users only get texts from people they’ve indicated an interest in. -- Prosecutors say a 70-year-old Johnson County taxi driver raped his passenger after picking her up in Westport.

The woman had been drinking and told police she was “overcome by force and fear.” Abdul Sayed worked as a taxi driver for Atlas Cab for nearly 10 years.

She got into the taxi and Sayed drove her to a location in Mission. He said the system shows Sayed’s cab immediately leaving after the drop off. After some digging, FOX 4 found this wasn’t Sayed’s first charge on the job. Noor said Sayed touched a passenger and lost his license for a few months, but when Sayed got it back, Noor let him come back to work.

At some point, during the drive, prosecutors allege that Sayed raped the woman. “Did you ever think while this was going on that you should've fired him then? “Basically after that I don't see anything wrong with this man,” Noor said.

Years after the hookup app Grindr had become fully ensconced in gay life, the online dating industry had yet to counter with a version that would .

Tinder has quickly surpassed previous efforts — like Blendr or Ok Cupid Locals — and is now the fastest-growing free dating app in the United States, facilitating more than 2 million matches per day.

It’s fast and casual — a far cry from many dating sites’ detailed filters for religion or hobbies. “I think that women more often than not will say that they’re looking for something casual, and there’s nothing wrong with any of that.