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Boot camp for troubled adults

He had gotten into drugs, been kicked out of school and was arrested for trespassing on school property and running from police.

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Gerald Davidson, and businessman Joseph Ricci, better known in later years for being the outspoken owner of Scarborough Downs racetrack and a candidate for governor.Submitted photo The sign outside the Elan School in Poland as seen in 2006.Submitted photo A photo from Elan taken in the mid-1980s showing one student, known as "an expediter," or the house policeman, being yelled at by a superior for not doing a good job, according to filmmaker Todd Nilssen, who is shooting a documentary on the former Poland school."If I explain what I went through, it's definitely harsh.But if I start to talk about what might have happened back in the '80s and the '70s, there was a chance you might not even believe me. "That was kind of ingrained into my head, but I also thought that I could get something out of the program," Nilssen said. I kind of embraced some of the therapy there and learned some things about myself that were very valuable; that's not to say that I might not have learned those things through the natural process of life, just growing up." Nilssen, who works as a film editor specializing in commercials, music videos and corporate work, was looking for a project for his first film and quickly arrived at Elan.And once, after being kept awake for two days straight he was tasked with writing a daily report that had to be error-free in order to sleep, but kept spelling the same word wrong, not knowing how it was really spelled he stabbed another boy.

"They didn't know how to build you back up; they knew how to break you," Hoffman said.

Yet Ricci ran for governor of Maine posing as David facing Goliath, duped the the iconic news show 60 Minutes into broadcasting a favorable portrait of him, and convinced a jury to award him $15 million in a lawsuit he filed for violation of his civil rights." Source and Link to Purchase: Duck in a Raincoat by Maura Curley Maine School For Troubled Teens Closing [The Elan School]--March 23rd, 2011 (Source: POLAND, Maine -- A school for troubled teens in the town of Poland is closing. In a letter to News 8 Wednesday afternoon, Executive Director Sharon Terry said declining enrollment and resulting financial difficulties is the reason for the school's closing.

For complete story with lies from the program included, click here. filmmaker focuses his camera on Maine school for troubled teens KATHRYN SKELTON, Staff Writer Lewiston-Auburn | Saturday, February 13, 2016 New York filmmaker Todd Nilssen is in the final stages of a two-year effort to produce a feature-length documentary on the notorious Elan School for troubled teens.

Elan operated for nearly forty years in rural Maine until it closed in 2011 because former residents - now adults - waged a campaign to tell their experiences of abuse via social media and anti-Elan websites.

They are still seeking justice and considering class action.

"I woke up at 5 a.m., there were two guys standing over me, 'You're coming with us, you're not going to run, this isn't a choice,'" he remembers.