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Book on dating in your 30

I'd have a date, then expect too much, give too much and be right back in the hole I was in before. The statistics supported my unbelief.” To help boost her chances at finding true love, Audrey tried Internet dating for a while. She picked up the pieces once again and jumped back into the dating game, but this time, she was determined to do it God’s way.She met plenty of guys but none of them seemed to work out except for one – the one Audrey calls “Ishmael.” “Everything seemed to be just right except for the gnawing thought in my brain that this wasn't the fit God had in mind,” she explains. “I had given up on ‘illegal sex’ 'cause that had brought me nothing but grief.

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I had to actually know that I was supposed to be married.” Meanwhile, a tall, handsome man in Audrey’s church named Fred Foster had been watching her from a distance the whole time.She recalls, “Before you knew it, I had slept with one too many guys, and I was now the girl on campus with a ‘reputation’ -- the girl who slept around and who no one respected.” How could it have happened?She was raised in church – the daughter of deacons.[Genesis , NIV] “I read Genesis with new eyes, and the Holy Spirit enlightened a scripture I had read and heard a thousand times,” she says.In January of 2004, Audrey took her “rhema word” and began praying for a husband.It may even seem like all your friends are reaching those desired milestones: getting married, having children, starting their families.

Everywhere you look, from church pews to your Facebook news-feed, you seem to be faced with the nagging reminder of what you don’t yet have.

“When it's done outside of the covenant of marriage, you give away pieces of yourself.

Before you know it, very little of who you truly are is left.

There was a funny video going around You Tube where two girls sing about their singleness. All of a sudden the reality hits that life hasn’t turned out like you planned.

One is 29 and the other is 31, and in just a couple short years, their attitudes about their singleness drastically change… You thought you’d be married by now, with a couple kids in tow.

You are hopeful, patient (well…sometimes), and even excited to see what lies ahead when it comes to relationships and finding love.